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Terms of Háfit ehf.

For the electronic information service Háfit

By using the website, you as a user agree to these rules and terms.

Article 1 The owner of the site

The website (hereinafter "the website" and the web system Háfit (hereinafter "the web system") is the property of Háfit ehf., ID no. 520713-0850 (hereinafter "the company") and manages the website and the web system.

Article 2 Law and order

The use of the web system is governed by Icelandic law and government directives, as applicable. If a dispute arises regarding the use of the web system or the content of these terms, a court case to that effect shall be conducted before the Reykjavík District Court.

Article 3 Copyright and Trademarks

Trademarks and identifiers displayed on the Website are the property of the Company. Users are not allowed to use the company's logo without the company's written permission. All content on the website is protected by copyright or, as the case may be, by exclusive rights, to the extent that it is not excluded by such protection by law. Users of the web system are not permitted to modify, publish, reuse, copy, publish, sell or provide access to the content contained on the website or utilize it in any other similar way.

Content on the website includes files, tables, forms, databases and anything else that can be found on the website, cf. ma Copyright Act no. 73/1973.

Article 4 No responsibility taken

All information provided on the Website "as is" without any warranty, direct or indirect. Háfit ehf. is under no circumstances responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information contained on the website, whether from the company itself or others. Háfit ehf. is under no circumstances responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the user relying on information obtained from this website. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information obtained on the website.

Article 5 Disclaimer of Liability

Háfit ehf. specifically disclaims any liability (whether within or outside the contract, objective liability or other liability) for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages incurred or in any way related to the use of the website. Háfit ehf. is in no way liable for damages that can be traced to the inability to use the web, for a short or long period of time.

The company is not responsible for any disruptions that may occur to the operation of the website due to force majeure such as natural disasters, wars or strikes.

Article 6 Related Websites

The website and the web system may contain links to other websites that are related to the functioning of the system in some way. The company does not operate these websites or control their content. The company does not in any way guarantee the information or the material that can be found on these websites, their performance or performance or any damage that you or others may suffer as a result of their use.

Article 7 Computer viruses, etc.

The company does not guarantee that the web system or websites to which it refers, such as through links, are completely free of computer viruses or anything else that may prove harmful to computers or software. The user is responsible for preventing any possible loss that may result from this with the necessary protection, such as virus protection programs.

Article 8 Collection and processing of personal information

The user acknowledges and agrees that by registering in the web system, he provides the company with the personal information contained in the registration form. The user also agrees that the company monitors and maintains a register of the user's use of the website. By using the website, the user also agrees to the processing of such personal information.

The company reserves the right to process data on the user's use of the web system in order to offer him new services, new subscription options or offers for his benefit.

While the contractual relationship lasts between the user and Háfit ehf. the company undertakes to maintain and preserve any kind of personal data and information that is created during the use of the system and can be found on the relevant access.

The company's websites and web systems use so-called cookies. Cookies are necessary, for example, to be able to identify users, for example in an online store or in the company's web system. With the use of websites and web systems Háfit ehf. gives the user their consent to the use of cookies.

By participating in Háfit's games, the user authorizes Háfit to use the person's e - mail for marketing purposes.

Article 9 Changes to the Terms of Use and Terms

The company reserves the right to review and change these terms at any time and without notice. Revised terms will appear on the website and the user should check them regularly. Use of the Website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions in force at any given time.

Changes to these terms shall be made in writing. If laws and / or rules concerning the activities of Háfit ehf. Are changed. these terms shall change automatically in accordance with such changes, provided that they have a significant effect on the operations of Háfit ehf.

Article 10 Violation of Terms of Use and Terms

If the company has a reasonable suspicion that a user has violated these terms, the company reserves the right to take the remedies that these laws, rules and terms allow, including blocking access to a specific email address and or user to the website, without notice, temporarily. or indefinitely.

Article 11 Access to password protected areas

Users in accordance with these terms must identify themselves with an e-mail address and password that has been assigned to them or they themselves have chosen when logging in to

Access to password-protected areas of the website is only permitted to those who have been assigned a password to access the website, the same applies to all use of the access. Each user's access is personal and users are not permitted to provide access to other parties or give others any kind of authorization to use their access to and the data and information contained therein in any way. can be found. If users violate this ban, Háfit ehf. notify the user and block the access of those users, as the case may be after the warning, without affecting the user's obligation to pay for his access.

The user is fully responsible for all actions performed with his access and password, whether they are performed by himself or others and whether it is with his permission or not.

Misuse of the user's access or password is never the responsibility of the company and the user must indemnify the company from any misuse.


Article 12 General rules of use

Users are authorized to use the web system and the services offered therein in accordance with these terms.

Users have access to the material on that is available at any given time and is not subject to any kind of copyright protection.

Users do not acquire any ownership right, direct or indirect, over the content that can be found on the website, but only the right to use the content in question. The scope of this right of use depends on these terms.

Data and information on are the property of Háfit ehf., Unless otherwise stated on or the general terms of use at any time. The right to use data and information obtained on is limited by the provisions of the agreement in question, the terms of use of the website, laws and government directives. The right of users to use data and information lapses as soon as the agreement expires.

Users are not permitted to use data and information on for any kind of publication or retransmission. Users may, however, print out data and information for the traditional use of such data and information.

Users are not permitted to change or distort the information found on the website and / or to distribute it in a modified form. Users are not permitted to use the content of the website in any way that may impair the honor or identity of the authors of the content or the company. The use of the web system may not under any circumstances be detrimental to the company's operations or result in damage to other users of the web system. The web system may not be used for competitive purposes against the company.

The use of the web system other than that permitted in these terms requires the special, written permission of the company, the copyright owner and, as the case may be, others who may own the copyright to the content of the website in part or in full.

Tariffs must be found on the company's website.

Monthly subscription and service fees are charged at the end of each month. The deadline is the tenth of each month. Each user's monthly fee is subject to changes in the consumer price index, published by Statistics Iceland, which is updated on 1 January each year. Comments on invoices must be received no later than 14 days after the booking date, otherwise the invoice will be considered approved. If the invoice is not paid on time, Háfit ehf. reserves the right to block the relevant access without notice.

It is clear to the user that the monthly fee for access may change in accordance with general changes to the price list and discount system, for example when new service elements and / or usage possibilities are added to the system. Háfit ehf. undertakes to notify users of such changes at least 1 month in advance.

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