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A great idea for college students to access nutrition counseling and exercise programs cheaply.

- Ísak Már Aðalsteinsson -

I was encouraged to go to the gym and had a varied meal plan that led me to start eating healthier.

- Vera Mjöll Kristbjargardóttir -

Simple interface and helps a lot to have the videos for explanation. Also fun to have the physiological explanations such as why heating is useful.

- Hildur Arna Gunnarsdóttir -

Simple and cheap. Great initiative.

- Ingimar Örn Jónsson -

Great restraint and a positive attitude from the staff. Rosa "pro" measurements and responds on the heel when sending a message.

- Lilja Vignisdóttir -

When I came to the measurement I felt welcomed and it was all very comfortable and approachable and I really like how friendly you are: D So I think it's cool that you have many options to choose from when you are asking for an exercise plan :) :)

- Viktoría Emma Berglindardóttir -

Very nice people with a great initiative :)

- Hrefna Ólafsdóttir -

I find Háfit very nice and have recommended it to my friends. It takes willpower and haste to make it work, but if you do, it's a genius.

- Steinunn Friðriksdóttir -

I think this is a great initiative and good to know from someone who follows you :)

- Hildur Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir -

It's good to be able to get help from a coach to get started and then maintain their plans.

- Hulda Mjöll Hauksdóttir -

Exercise plans are good. You are doing well :)

- Ragna Sverris -

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